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Poetry, Art, and Activism

Community Art and Poetry Collaborations

Poetry Chapbooks, Poetry, and More

On This Night (2022)

Two Candlesticks (2022)

Rosh HaShanah or A Bloody Pomegranate (2021)

The Nature of Time and Tu B’Shvat: Listening for the Demands of Now (2022)

I am sorry for your loss; I am sorry for my loss (2020)

Poetry Chapbook (2017)

Let Us Remember the Empty Slogans We Often Say

Libi B'Mizrach / My Heart is in the East (2016)

Nigun Performances

Bina's Nigun Offering

Original Translations 

A Translation and Reading of Ezekiel 37- HDS Billings Scripture Reading

Opening Doors 

Opening Doors

Opening Doors | Facebook

Opening Doors Lehrhaus | Instagram

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